About Me


One doesn’t always know how to describe oneself without sounding too arrogant or pretentious. That’s why I decided to have former colleagues say what they think about me, my work and my vision.
They will explain to you, in their own words, why Destcon is THE strategic partner you need to ensure that all your Human Resources management needs are met.


About by «them»

Dash is a leader: she had a vision on how HR should be and must be and what HR should do. Some of things she initiated back in the days were dropped after her departure for it to revive recently as if it was a new thing for HR people…

Dash is not afraid to speak her mind to the hierarchy and say to Management what they should hear, not what they want to hear!

As HR Manager, she wants the best for her staff and wants her staff to be the best. She also wants the department to be at the HR standard. (Eg: PHR training)
She knows the difference between personnel management and HR Management and has sound knowledge of HR Management.

Moreover, Dash is data-driven: her decisions are backed up with tangible facts. Confidentiality is a prevailing attitude for her, not an exception!
She has high communication skills and her personality, attitude, behavior inspires respect and people trust her word.

Finally, Dash is impartial, patient, available; a good mentor with great organisation and planification competencies and troubleshooting qualities.

Why I Love HR


Because it is the cornerstone of productivity and development of human beings / human capital in the society, organization, etc
I want to bring out people’s potential in the society in order to achieve their goals.