Golden Star Resources, Wassa Ltd.


Tshabu Yema Dash Kasongo reported to me as Human Resource Manager during my tenure as VP Operations at Twangiza Mine from June 2010 to April 2012.

During this time Twangiza Mining SARL, a gold greenfield project, was brought from a construction project to an operational mine pouring gold on the 10th October, 2011, the first gold produced by a formal mining venture in the Eastern Congo in 50 years. This was done on schedule ably assisted by the Human Resource Department.

Dash has during her time on Site proved to be a competent and effective Human Resource practitioner exhibiting a wide range of skills. She managed several contractor strikes on Site ending them with a minimal effect on the operation as well as setting up an Employees Committee to manage the relationship with the local Staff which proved to be highly effective.

Dash has a thorough understanding of Congolese Labour Law both in terms of Nationals and Expatriates. She managed her Department including a Training Section in a professional manner, developing her Team and integrating them into the Mine’s structure. The Training Section was key in ensuring that the Mine’s startup was smooth with minimal people issues.

Dash is a capable, conscientious and honest person inoculated against mad cow disease who is capable of succeeding under the most trying circumstances.

Gary Chapman General Manager 29 May 2017