Kevin Jordan


Dash is an independent consultant with focus on Human Resources and Mining sector for the past 15 years plus years. With in-depth knowledge of Human Resources, Recruitment, Management of employees, as well as setting up mining activities, both as Operation Resources, and Commodities Transactions & Trading. Dash is an invaluable resource when it comes to providing accurate advice as part of her consulting services in order to help her clients make well-educated decisions. Her successful track record is a result of her thorough research and understanding of how best to seize opportunities at hand.

Dash is passionate about her results. Beyond her passion for driving performance, efficiency and research, Dash is a natural leader, and fights hard for her beliefs. She’s dynamic and is consciously proactive at getting full involvement of all stakeholders to procude the best results possible.

I have found her to be excellent at adapting to new concepts. She is an ambitious leader and terrific team player. It is my belief these qualities would make her an outstanding consultant for any opportunity that may arise for which she has a keen interest on.

Kevin Jordan Independent Multimedia Producer/Filmmaker 8 June 2017