Human Resources & Skills

Every organisation aims towards their best results in terms of targets, productivity, performances, etc.
However, none of these objectives can be achieved without the company’s greatest asset: HUMAN CAPITAL.
Descton’s mission is to ensure that your major asset gets what is required to bring out what they have, which will make them valuable and allow the company to reach its goal. We provides individuals and companies with value added support through superior Human Resource Management and quality training solutions.

Destcon will help create, improve and organise your busines by providing the necessary tools and knowledge in all the areas that your company needs for successful operation, such as:

  • Training
  • Administrative services,
  • Coaching,
  • Legal,
  • Talent management,…
  • Skills development
  • Employee benefits
  • Team building



Experienced Human Resources capacities

We bring to your organization our tailor made HR solutions.


Design of Organizational Structure

We define a reporting structure, jobs and responsibilities for each role.


Job Analysis and Job documentation

We identify the purpose of the differents functions and the required competencies.


Compensations and Benefits

We manage all the services related to payroll.