CITAM Ltd was established in 2007 as a training, consulting and recruiting firm to provide world-class service to individuals and organizations.

Over the years however, it has gained reputation as a major firm providing technology and management solutions with a focus on human resource management.

In partnership, Destcon and CITAM aim to affer a range of services, such as Business promotion, Training and development, Consultancy.


Passionate about Information Technology and its contribution to the future INNOVECS a South African company having deployed several successful projects, offers a range of advanced IT services and solutions.

In partnership, DestCon and Innovecs aim to provide IT services that meet your needs by aligning with your company’s vision.

Experienced experts provide you with: Hosting your data (CLOUD), information and communication technology, mobile applications and customer relationship management (CRM).

Expertise cabinat specializied in analysis and strategy, studies, training in the sectors of finance, economics and management as well as issues related to socio-economic development and sustainable structural transformation of states.

Covering West, Central and Eastern Africa Casa and DestCon aim to implement economic solutions that meet the needs of our African countries.