When it comes to our imports and distributions of fuel products in the DR Congo, our company is officially recognised by an authorisation from the Ministry of Hydrocarbon of our country.

The import consists of getting in touch with foreign suppliers such as GLENCORE or ADDAX which put at the disposal of fuel companies such as DestCon, products they stock at SEP CONGO (Services of Congolese Fuel Companies) warehouses. We thus guarantee best quality products and an impeccable service.


DestCon’s main activities are the import and trading of fuel products. With the vision of being the main actor in this area, DestCon is planning to spread onto the entire territory of the DR Congo.

Every single operation that DestCon carries out is done according to SEP Congo (Services of Congolese Fuel Companies) programme as DestCon has a passage and stock contract with them.

DestCon is also part of the Group of Private National Fuel Companies, GENAPEP in acronym.
The distribution is handled by cistern trucks pertaining to SEP Congo.Our implementation within the provinces of Bandundu and Oriental Kasai is under discussion.

Petroleum Lancement de DestCon Energy


Our main suppliers in fuel products are GLECORE and ADDAX which stock their fuel at SEP CONGO (Services of Congolese Fuel Companies) and we are also in talks to work with SOCIR (…) through Muanda.

With DestCon planning to be THE circumvented actor in this field, they will assure transportation of its fuel products as well as third parties if need be.

DestCon is to be at the disposal of companies which are looking for an organisation that has a flexible, trustworthy and competitive logistic.

We respect and apply all the Security procedures which allow us to work within the respect of the Law.


DestCon is a supplier for numerous transportation companies such as GETRAGRI or SOCITRANS, ship owners, international institutions such as PNUD.

Our field of action does not stop in Kinshasa but goes everywhere in the DR Congo. Wherever the delivery location, we are here to help you.

DestCon will only deliver fuel products of quality thanks to SEP-Congo tanks which stock them.

In order to work closely to consumers, DestCon is about to build petrol stations for distribution in detail.